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Periscope is a software product that installs inside of the Oracle database, linking most databases virtually into Oracle. Remote databases appear as if they are already resident within your Oracle database.

Data remains distributed, but can be accessed real-time out of the Oracle database. All data is transformed into pure Oracle views, so any program accessing Oracle will have true Oracle access across your business databases.

With Periscope, all of the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite components will work seamlessly across your entire business without having to first rehost your data in Oracle.


All of the Oracle BI tools will work across your remote data, just as if the data was actually loaded in the Oracle database.

Periscope enables the full business value of your Oracle BI Suite investment, allowing your BI tools to seamlessly reach across your entire business.

Periscope can be self-installed in just a couple of hours, and does not require any changes to your remote databases.

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