February 1, 2005

Jim Mc Fadden
WhiteCap Applications

Introducing a breakthrough new file access technique for VOS users. Now you can access your VOS file system real-time and transparently from your Oracle® database.

In my 22-year association with Stratus, I have been involved with many clients as well as most of the VOS platform features. But now, I am working with something that is far better than anything I have ever worked with. Now, you can access the VOS file system right out of Oracle. This is real-time seamless data access. All Oracle operations (read/write/update/delete) happen transparently. The data remains hosted in VOS, but your enterprise applications can access your data real-time from the Oracle engine. Data access is totally transparent to your enterprise applications. This new technology is called Periscope.

With Periscope:
  • You don't have to move your data.
  • You don't have to replicate your data.
  • You don't have to scrub your data.
  • You don't have to modify your VOS programs.

It's lightning fast and low overhead on your VOS platforms. It installs electronically in just a few hours so it's pretty easy to try out. You can even access your VOS Shared Memory from Oracle.

It's pretty amazing to see VOS data being accessed from Oracle. I even think it's a great use for the new ftServer® V Series system.

Now you can keep your critical applications running on VOS, generating data in VOS flat files. You don't have to rewrite your programs and move them to other platforms. You now have instant access to your VOS data from Oracle for use in any program that needs your data for real-time business decisions.

Where did this new technology come from? Periscope was created thru a unique partnership across a number of companies that have been around for quite awhile. WhiteCap brought together ARI (www.softmark.com) for their VOS file access expertise and TUSC (www.tusc.com) for their Oracle expertise. Periscope is the result of that collaboration, and it will be well worth 15 minutes of your time to see a recorded demonstration of this new technology.

You can view a recorded presentation or a recorded demonstration by following this link www.whitecapapplications.com/Stratus.php.

For more information, contact Jim McFadden.

Jim McFadden
WhiteCap Applications
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