Evaluations Made Simple

  • We make it very easy to install and evaluate Periscope.
  • There are no Stratus program modifications to be made.
  • Periscope will not interfere with your applications.
  • There is no special training involved.
  • Setup typically takes around an hour. If you would like, our Engineers will remotely install Periscope on your test platforms for you.

Just a few hours from now you could be accessing your VOS data real-time out of an Oracle database.

What do I need to get started?

  1. Internet access to download the software
  2. A Stratus VOS platform to connect to
  3. A Windows or UNIX platform to install Periscope and Oracle on. (Periscope runs wherever Oracle will run)
  4. A network connection from the Oracle platform to the Stratus platform (Periscope connects SQL*NET TCP/IP from Oracle to the Stratus)

Do I need Oracle?

No. Not for the evaluation. We will supply you with a trial version of Oracle if you do not have an Oracle database available.

Do I have to be an Oracle expert to try this out?

No. Periscope self-manages Oracle. There is no special Oracle expertise required. Our Engineers will handle any issues that come up during the installation and evaluation.

What are the steps involved with an evaluation?

Contact us, by phone or by email. We will schedule you for a live demonstration. We find that most of your questions can be resolved in a quick 45-minute presentation and demonstration. We can set this up on a date and at a time that fits your schedule. You can see Periscope in action before you commit to an evaluation.

Sign a simple Evaluation Agreement. We will email you a simple Evaluation Agreement that will allow you to use Periscope in a NON-PRODUCTION environment for 15 days.

Download your Periscope install package. We prepare an installation package for your environment. We will send you access information along with installation instructions. All of the software is downloaded, so you are assured of receiving the most current Periscope enhancements.

WhiteCap Applications will assist remotely. Installation can be handled via our install scripts, but we still like to work closely with our clients during the installation steps. We will assign an Engineer to work with you and answer any questions along the way.

WhiteCap Applications will follow-up with you to find out if Periscope is right for your business.

What does it cost to Install and Evaluate Periscope?

Nothing. There are no charges involved. Even our Engineering assistance is offered to you at no cost.