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HP NonStop
Oracle BI Integration




Periscope is a software product that links distributed disparate database tables into the Oracle database. With Periscope, Business Data that is hosted across multiple database platforms and vendors can be linked virtually into the Oracle database.


Connections are “virtual”. Data remains distributed but can be accessed real-time from Oracle views. Periscope maps the internal Oracle database requests into a command stream understood by the disparate data source.


As data is returned, Periscope transforms the data stream into a structure that Oracle understands. Any program or application that can access Oracle will be able to access a disparate data source with no special knowledge of the actual underlying data source. Business Data will behave as if it’s already loaded into the Oracle database. >>Read the Overview

  • Real-Time Access of all data from ORACLE
  • Over 50 Supported Platforms
  • Installs & Connects quickly with no platform programming involved
  • Transparent to your applications